Housing and Supported Independent Living

Ascent provides general assistance with daily life and activities to enable you to live inclusively within your local community. Our support is designed to meet your individual needs and to maximise your independence.

Ascent can provide support with daily life and activities to enable you to live inclusively within your local community. Support is designed around your NDIS plan to meet your individual needs and outcomes.

Support can be provided on an outreach basis, where staff can assist you in your own home with specific tasks, such as budgeting, cooking, domestic chores and managing appointments.

Formal support may only be for a small part of everyday life, with other activities being  managed independently or with assistance from networks of your family, friends and community. Formal support could be for as little as 1-2 hours per week.

Higher intensity accommodation support can be provided for up to 24 hours per day within small group home residences, where residents require medium to high levels of assistance to complete basic self-care and domestic routines. Staff may provide one-on-one support with all daily household activities, as well as facilitating social and leisure opportunities in the community. They may also assist with tasks like banking, shopping and attending appointments, and with accessing activities such as supported employment.

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